I’m going to #wcphx

WordCamp Phoenix Logo

Well, I’m patiently awaiting for my first experience at WordCamp Phoenix! Early this year I made a point to get more involved in the things that make me happy, and one of them is WordPress! A big part of getting involved are WordCamps, and although I have been a WordPress madman for years, I have never been to one of these. As the night dies down my anxiety rises as I get more and more excited to experience a WordCamp.

I’ll be blogging

There are tons of talks I can’t wait to attend, like Writing Extensible Plugins, Cain & Obenland in the Morning, Managing Client Expectations from Start to Finish and many more throughout the camp. I’ll be attempting to blog as much as I can. Make sure and follow #wcphx on my blog.

Plans for a new plugin…

While I’m attending this WordCamp I’m going to try and release a new plugin. Still not sure what it’s going to be, but some ideas:

  • Install plugins from GitHub/BitBucket via the Plugin Installer (with automatic update?)
  • Add “stickers” to your site like you do your laptop
  • Add link without having to go find the link, copy, and paste (via Google search)
  • Follow other WordPress blogs and compile a feed in your dashboard for them (Goodbye RSS reader?)

Really depends on the time I have! But, time at Gangplank is sure to happen at some point, a perfect time to write some code and blog!

Make sure and follow #wcphx

Working on a Gravity Forms + First Data Global Gateway e4℠ WordPress plugin!

Working on this plugin has been pretty self-verifying. I was a little worried I couldn’t do it, just because it seemed daunting. But, by moving forward in small steps, I’ve managed to get 60% of it done! And, it’s verified for me that I can do things like this. Just because you are staring at a big task, with mild-to-moderate experience with it, not sure where to start, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! What worked for me was doing things step-by-step.

Plus, I’ve had some people out there doing similar things that have helped through example and their openness! It’s my hope that I can open source this project as well. I’m doing it through work, but I am going to try and get it out there!

I’m not done yet! I still have a lot to finish… Here’s a peak at what it looks like.

How to avoid plugins_url from breaking due to symlinks when developing Plugins for WordPress

// Fix the __FILE__ problem with symlinks.
// Now just use ___FILE___ instead of __FILE__
$___FILE___ = __FILE__;
if ( isset( $plugin ) ) {
    $___FILE___ = $plugin;
else if ( isset( $mu_plugin ) ) {
    $___FILE___ = $mu_plugin;
else if ( isset( $network_plugin ) ) {
    $___FILE___ = $network_plugin;
define( '___FILE___', $___FILE___ );
// Here we use ___FILE___ instead of __FILE__
    plugins_url('my-file.js', ___FILE___),

ItemPress is Here!

The last two nights I had one goal: make something that allows anyone to create and organize content the WordPress way, that doesn’t get in the way of posts or pages!

And so I’m proud to announce that a working version of ItemPress is now live on WordPress.org. ItemPress is all about doing all sorts of things. I personally plan to use ItemPress mostly for project management and note-taking, but ItemPress is designed to be about anything you want! It’s ambiguous by nature so you can define your content the way you want.

The power of taxonomy and terms is where ItemPress is the most powerful. I built ItemPress so that new ways to organize and filter your items is as easy as hooking into ItemPress the WordPress way!

I hope that ItemPress enables people to do more things (organized their way) with WordPress (the WordPress way) without bothering your already awesome blog posts or pages.

I’m also dogfooding the project by organizing it using ItemPress.

ItemPress on WordPress.org

Remove Protected from WordPress Posts and Titles via a WordPress Plugin

There are already a lot of posts out there about how to code this in. But, for those of you who like to just Search, Install, and Activate, you can use a plugin I just submitted called Remove Protected.

It will remove “Protected” from the usual “Protected: Post Title” when a post or page is password protected.

Remove Protected on WordPress.org