Monthly Archives: December 2013

Working on a Gravity Forms + First Data Global Gateway e4℠ WordPress plugin!

Working on this plugin has been pretty self-verifying. I was a little worried I couldn’t do it, just because it seemed daunting. But, by moving forward in small steps, I’ve managed to get 60% of it done! And, it’s verified for me that I can do things like this. Just because you are staring at a big task, with mild-to-moderate experience with it, not sure where to start, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! What worked for me was doing things step-by-step.

Plus, I’ve had some people out there doing similar things that have helped through example and their openness! It’s my hope that I can open source this project as well. I’m doing it through work, but I am going to try and get it out there!

I’m not done yet! I still have a lot to finish… Here’s a peak at what it looks like.

How to avoid plugins_url from breaking due to symlinks when developing Plugins for WordPress

// Fix the __FILE__ problem with symlinks.
// Now just use ___FILE___ instead of __FILE__
$___FILE___ = __FILE__;
if ( isset( $plugin ) ) {
    $___FILE___ = $plugin;
else if ( isset( $mu_plugin ) ) {
    $___FILE___ = $mu_plugin;
else if ( isset( $network_plugin ) ) {
    $___FILE___ = $network_plugin;
define( '___FILE___', $___FILE___ );
// Here we use ___FILE___ instead of __FILE__
    plugins_url('my-file.js', ___FILE___),